IR Manager

IR Manager Full-Time

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Career Level

Experienced Professional

Primary Experience in

Organizational Learning & Development


Masters in Business Management

Primary Skills

• Candidate must possess strong administrative skills to effectively handle day to day problems in a constantly changing environment. Possess wide business knowledge to understand corporate objectives and to be able to establish clear goals and direction consistent with the Company's vision mission and strategy.
• High learning agility coupled with sound knowledge of Labor Laws. Relevant experience of Collective Bargaining in an industrial environment.
• Sound inter personal skills e.g. influencing, communication and negotiation skills to work effectively with all levels of staff within the company and externally. Multi-linguistic, fluency of Pushto is preferable.
• Better understanding of the labor law to enable him to provide correct and timely legal advice to all the departments for avoiding labor disturbances. Effective and prompt communication link with the management and the C.B.As to quickly address IR issue if any.
• Timely resolution of individual or collective grievances agitated by the C.B.A. and ensures that such resolutions are in conformity with the Company policy, labor laws and existing work practices.
• Ability to educate the C.B.A. members regarding Company Plans to ensure that the Company objectives are achieved.
• Ensure quality recruitment for manning requirement as per plan and ability to forecast and manage budgets effectively.

Position KPI

• Facilitate HR Manager during CBA negotiations and play a key role in concluding it on a win/win note while incorporating all agreed productivity targets and initiatives.
• Responsible for keeping Management and CBA abreast of the trends and changes in labor legislation and provide guidance for timely compliance.
• Drive implementation of Corporate Learning Strategy at factory through effective Employee Education, Training & Development initiatives to foster a Learning organization.

• Lead annual Company plan activity for HR to maintain and up-date Optimum Labor Establishment and ensure continuous focus on HR Revenue expenditure and Production Wages, while assisting Finance in allocating budgets for any productivity proposals.
• Effectively implement HR and people processes such as Perform, Develop, STEP etc. while educating all concerned about its true spirit and benefit to individuals and the Company.
• Responsible for effective handling and timely resolution of employee’s problems such as welfare related, work practices, terminal benefits, medical treatment, individual grievances, pay fixations, transfers, promotion etc. to ensure total employee satisfaction.

• Contribute significantly to the unit vision and strategy by leveraging strengths of team for effective business partnering.
• Facilitate factory team in identifying, recognizing and celebrating individual and team accomplishments in line with Company Reward & Recognition schemes to nurture a winning culture.
• Development of human resource within department and on-site to ensure leadership at all levels and to fill talent pipeline while effectively managing poor performance and behavior.

• Build, Maintain & leverage relationship with CBA to ensure accomplishment of Company's Priorities / Goals while facilitating Discipline, Industrial Peace and Harmony.
• Synergise with other functions/departments to help deliver solutions that are relevant to the business needs and in line with the Company Strategy.
• Maintain good working relationship with all External stakeholders including but not limited to Government functionaries, Labor Department, EOBI & Social Security authorities to ensure employee welfare while maintaining the image of the Company.

• Actively contribute in devising innovative solutions to optimize labor cost and improve productivity during all labor-management settlements/decisions.
• Facilitate factory team in creating winning environment for continuous improvement in processes and productivity, while supporting team activities for ensuring a winning corporate culture and quality of service rendered to the customers.

Years of Experience

8-10 years of experience in Organziational Learning & Development/Corporate IR


  • Location: Jhelum
  • Job Title: IR Manager
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