Compliance Officer Full-Time

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Career Level


Job Function

Accounting, Invoice Management/ Taxation Compliance/ Oracle EBS

Years of Experience

1-3 years of relevant work experience. Experience in the UAE will be an added advantage


A university graduate in Finance and Accounting/ Law . Professional certification in AML and compliance

Primary Skills

  • Good understanding of VAT regulations, AML and regulatory law.
  • Good understanding of accounting and financial reporting principles and practices.
  • Quality standards and quality assurance policy and procedure.
  • Proficient in VAT and Tax Computations. 

Position KPI

Internal Compliance for Company

  • Perform risk assessments for CZTA to understand risk level, significance, and scope.
  • Preparing, updating and implementing policies and controls to mitigate the risk exposure for Company.
  • Detect transactions relating to any crime.
  • Review, scrutinize and study records, receive data concerning suspicious transactions.
  • Perform the responsibilities of the Compliance Officer as per the applicable law.
  • Report Suspicious Transactions to the relevant authorities.
  • Prepare, maintain, implement, and regularly update KYC/CDD measure for the company.
  • Perform KYC, screening, CDD, other compliance measure for each company client while onboarding.
  • Perform KYB/KYS/KYE for the company as and when required.
  • Take decisions to either notify the FIU or maintain the transaction with the reasons for maintaining while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • Review the internal rules and procedures to maintain compliance with the relevant Laws.
  • Regularly assess the company's commitment to the application of the rules and procedures.
  • Propose what is needed to update and develop these rules and procedures.
  • Prepare and submit regular reports on compliance matters to senior management.
  • Prepare, execute and document ongoing training and development programs for the employees on compliance matters specially AML/CFT.
  • Collaborate with the Supervisory Authority and FIU, provide them with all requested data, and allow their authorized employees to view the necessary records and documents that will allow them to perform their duties.
  • Update yourself on compliance laws for company, including ESR and AML/CFT.
  • Preparing and maintaining statutory registers for Company.
  • Facilitate the fulfilment of all regulatory requirements for Company.
  • Contribute to robust and effective compliance controls within the organisation.
  • Prepare reports for management.
  • Educate and train employees on the regulations, but also the impact on the organisation for non-compliance.
  • Investigate irregularities and non-compliance issues.
  • Highlight areas of concerns and formulate solutions.
  • Monitor, review and analyze compliance risk, and ensure compliance for clients with all applicable legislation and regulations through effective processes, procedures, systems and controls.
  • Be familiar with the local requirement of laws regulation relevant findings, recommendations, guidance, directives, resolutions, sanctions.

External Compliance Services for Clients

  • Perform risk assessments for clients to understand risk level, significance, and scope.
  • Drafting and assisting clients with implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Develop and implement policies and controls for clients to mitigate risk exposure.
  • Coordinating with internal and external parties to ensure clients' compliance with regulation.
  • Carry out Compliance Gap analysis for clients.
  • Develop and executive training programs for clients.
  • Carry out Compliance Officer responsibilities for clients.
  • Carry out AML/CFT Services for clients.
  • Carry out ESR services for clients, including assessment, submitting notification, reports and comprehensive evaluation.
  • Carrying out compliance services for clients.
  • Facilitate the fulfilment of all regulatory requirements for clients.
  • Preparing and maintaining statutory registers for clients.
  • Perform other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the manager in order to meet department/ division objectives



  • Location: Lahore
  • Job Title: Compliance Officer
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