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A bachelor’s degree is required. A degree in the field of communications, public relations or a related area is desirable. Masters level education in the related fields of journalism, communications or public relations is advantageous

Primary Skills

 Creativity in developing communication products related to the ongoing initiatives; 

 Excellent written and oral English communication skills and interpersonal skills are required. Strong organizational skills, analytical abilities and initiative to prioritize and complete tasks and manage multiple projects with minimal supervision. 

 Attention to detail and acute appreciation of outreach dynamics of various media outlets; 

Ability to carry out desk-based research in different thematic areas of organization aimed at extracting communication products from knowledge produced within and without the organization; 

 Ability to establish and maintain collegial relations with press and media contacts, and to use sound judgment in presenting development programs to the press, media and external audiences; 

Well versed with various tools required for video editing, photo editing, developing info graphs, animations and etc.; 

 Ability to proactively discern branding risks and opportunities; 

Demonstrated ability to deliver within tight deadlines with a strong focus to independently determine, balance and pursue competing priorities; 

Previous experience of working with social media and a track record in securing media coverage. 

Position KPI

1. Work closely with senior management team in extracting and developing relevant communication products from the literature produced as part of various programmatic activities; 

2. Design and implement communication and outreach strategy for all thematic areas of the organization; 

3. Plan and manage organization’s digital presence, implementing regular and creative campaigns that are timed and synchronized with ongoing programmatic activities; and lead the maintenance of content on official website and other online portals; 

4. Provide technical assistance to team leads and other colleagues in planning and developing relevant communication materials aimed at maximizing outreach of programmatic activities and research products; 

5. Proactively develop cutting-edge media materials, including videos and social media products.

 6. Solicit information for success stories from program managers and field teams. Draft and/or edit success stories with appropriate photographs

 7. Facilitate liaison and networking with stakeholders by timely developing and disseminating communication products aligned with organization’s scope of work; 

8. Link ongoing initiatives to similar efforts at regional and global level, and exploring possibilities in coordination with team leads to replicate potential outreach models in local context; 

9. Develop and design variety of communication products for diverse audience including public representatives, government officials, academicians, practitioners and individuals with general interest on the subject; 

10. Extract policy briefs, policy notes, discussion papers, infographs and audiovisual products from internal and external sources of research, and provide feedback on the knowledge produced within the organization; 

11. Solicit information from Program teams to prepare and distribute weekly reports. 

12. Establish and maintain regular contact with relevant stake holders including print and electronic media practitioners, parliamentarians, etc.


  • Location: Islamabad
  • Job Title: Development Communication and Outreach Specialist
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