Chief Technical Advisor, YEP

Chief Technical Advisor, YEP Contractual

RSS client


N.G.O & Social Service

Career Level


Primary Experience in

Project Management


Master’s Degree or equivalent in International Development, International Relations, Politics, Sociology or a related field.

Primary Skills

  • Innovation: Ability to make new and useful ideas work. Integrate & Empower (Strategic Advisor).
  • Leadership: Ability to persuade others to follow. Integrate & Empower as a Strategic Advisor.
  • People Management: Ability to improve performance and satisfaction. Integrate & Empower as a Strategic Advisor.
  • CommunicationAbility to listen, adapt, persuade and transform. Integrate & Empower as a Strategic Advisor.
  • Delivery: Ability to get things done. Integrate & Empower as a Strategic Advisor.

Position KPI


  • Provide periodic situational analysis on youth empowerment issues with a gendered and rights-based lens.  
  • Identify and leverage opportunities for Organization’s upstream engagement on youth empowerment issues.    
  • Lead Organization’s  support to the Government of Pakistan at the federal and provincial levels on youth empowerment issues with evidence-based, gender disaggregated recommendations.
  • Design and supervise the preparation of high quality analytical reports, policy briefs and position papers on development issues with a focus on youth.  
  • Provide technical assistance and advice for the roll-out of youth related policies and programmes (including the prevention of violent extremism, youth engagement and youth employment).



  • Lead the planning and implementation of activities in line with the signed annual work plan. 
  • Review and quality assure all necessary documentation for implementation of activities (ToR, Request for proposals, partnership agreements, etc.).
  • Supervise the procurement process for sub-granting of work in line with the Organization's corporate policies and highest standards of transparency, accountability and value for money.  
  • Regularly liaise and coordinate with partners to appraise and consult them for feedback on project activities.
  • Review/verify payment requests from project implementing partners and consultants.
  • Ensure time and quality delivery of project outputs and take timely actions to identify and mitigate delays.  
  • Review progress reports to ensure they are of acceptable quality and submit in a timely manner to the Country Office for onward sharing with development partners.
  • Ensure that the M&E plan is appropriately implemented (and that gender disaggregated data is readily available) and any follow up actions identified during monitoring are appropriately implemented.
  • Regularly prepare and update risks and issue logs and escalate issues.
  • Ensure periodic stocktaking, lessons learned and course correction together with donors and partners.
  • Supervise project staff and promote a positive environment for teamwork, high performance and results.
  • Promote innovative approaches and creative solutions to address development challenges.



  • Remain informed of, track and internally share new research, programmatic and advocacy initiatives in the field of youth empowerment and share programmatic implications of it with the project team on a regular basis.
  • Identify priority areas for project research and advocacy and develop terms of reference and methodologies.
  • Supervise the implementation of research assignments and ensure coordination with relevant stakeholders, quality assurance of the methodology and dissemination of the results.
  • Explore the gendered and rights-based lens of social inclusion and manage new research initiatives to document and advocate this challenge.
  • Ensure consistent incorporation, dissemination and elaboration of key messages on issues related to youth empowerment internally within the organization, within the Organization system and with external stakeholders, particularly government stakeholders.  
  • Ensure oversight of the project communications and advocacy strategy to ensure constant and effective advocacy, public communications and campaigning on key project issues.



  • Conduct regular meetings with key stakeholders (eg. Government departments, civil society, media etc) and partners to ensure maximum topicality, relevance, coordination and coherence in project strategies.
  • Ensure effective coordination with other Organization projects and with the larger Organization/development efforts.
  • Track key stakeholder responses and activities to identify emerging programming and partnership opportunities.
  • Represent Organization in inter-agency forums related to Youth Empowerment (economic development and prevention of violent extremism) and encourage joint programming efforts where required.  
  • Represent Organization in development partner forums related to Youth Empowerment to ensure that Organization's programming is well coordinated with similar initiatives and promote synergies where required.
  • Promote engagement with new actors on the development landscape (start-ups/incubators/accelerators/social enterprises/impact investors/private sector) and encourage synergies.
  • Preparation of resource mobilization proposals to enhance the project’s scope and outreach.



  • Synthesize and document lessons learnt and best practices.
  • Prepare and quality assure various project progress and financial reports.
  • Ensure dissemination of results and lessons learned among Organization's colleagues and other target audiences.
  • Coordinate and establish an informal forum comprising individuals from the relevant sectors to ensure information/ knowledge sharing and dissemination.
  • Develop content for Organization website, knowledge networks and communities of practice in the form of knowledge articles, and concept papers.



  • Ensure gender aspects are integrated in all existing and new project proposals.
  • Ensure equal opportunities for female staff members of the project.
  • Contribute towards corporate efforts for gender parity by aligning project activities and plans accordingly.

Years of Experience

10 years of experience at the national and/or international level in providing management and policy advisory services in the development sector


  • Location: Islamabad
  • Job Title: Chief Technical Advisor, YEP
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