Specialist: Rule of Law for Prosecution, Prisons, Probation and Reclamation

Specialist: Rule of Law for Prosecution, Prisons, Probation and Reclamation Contractual

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N.G.O & Social Service

Career Level


Primary Experience in



The candidate must have Master’s level or above degree in Public Administration, Law, Social Science or in a relevant subject

Primary Skills

  • Ability to develop and communicate a convincing vision, demonstrate effective leadership.
  • Capability to operate at the highest levels of politics and civilian bureaucracy.
  • Exceptional political acumen.
  • Strong skills in making bureaucracy work including drafting working briefs, Power Points, and terms of reference.
  • Strong analytical capabilities, problem structuring and solving skills.
  • Ability to cope with uncertainty and to work under pressure.
  • Strong ethics, a collaborative attitude and a passion for improving citizens lives.
  • Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting.
  • Ability to lead formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and projects, mobilize resources.
  • Ability to formulate and manage budgets, manage contributions and investments, manage transactions, conduct financial analysis, reporting and cost-recovery.
  • Good ICT skills.
  • Ability to implement new systems and affect staff behavioral/ attitudinal change.
  • Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback.
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.

Position KPI

  • Support the Advisor in preparing policy and position Papers for the perusal of GoKP as per the agreed scope of work.
  • Assist the Advisor in developing working papers and diagnostic studies exhibiting evidential analytical perspective on the underlying issues and risks.
  • Meeting minutes and record notes documenting the level of engagement with relevant stakeholders.
  • Periodic progress reports as per the stipulated protocols Specific to FATA merger (General).
  • Assist the Advisor RoL in assessing critical operational requirements of preintegration process and dynamics of post-integration administration of the area with regard to area of intervention and prepare position papers for the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to secure predictability and availability of human and financial resources to sustain the integration.
  • Provide support to the Advisor RoL in engagement with government departments and ensure that each department is properly positioned to:

o   a. Translate the Integration Road Map into time bound goals, targets and action plans in order of priority.

o   b. Constitute departmental merger teams, define their terms of reference including their travel plans, determine their milestones and identify counterpart entities in Merged areas for coordination of transitional activities.

o   c. Prepare periodic reports on achievement of targets.

  • Assist the Advisor RoL in providing strategic policy options to ensure that:

a. The lack of Government writ in the past and the absence of normal justice system is redeemed through the introduction of strong and robust system of Rule of Law institutions.

b. Pulse of the area is continuously observed on road to integration, mainstreaming and change.

c. A conducive environment is created and maintained for engaging cross section and opinion leaders for sustainable solution to problems arising out of interventions in your stream of initiatives.

d. Negative propaganda and misinformation with regard to your area of jurisdiction is counter balanced through effective communication.

  • Assist the Advisor RoL in developing proposals of institutional arrangements for coordination, oversight, impact assessment, mentoring, course correction and value addition to the process of integration; Specific to ROL Institutions.
  • Provide Support to Advisor RoL - To assist in establishing Prosecution, Prisons and Reclamation& Probation institutions in merged areas and extending and implementing the KP ROL Roadmap approved by the Cabinet in the merged areas with special emphasis on the following:

i.   Prosecution Provide advisory assistance in i. establishing and Improvement in office infrastructure ii. recruitment of public prosecutors to fill vacancies; iii. improving the process for the recruitment of special prosecutors; iv. operationalize the Management Information System including the training of relevant staff, equipment and internet facilities; and v. in developing Case Management System.

ii.  Prisons Provide advisory assistance in i. improved service structure of the management cadre; ii. filling vacancies at the executive as well as lower staff levels; iii. ensuring effective training regime for Inspectorate of Prisons staff; iv. improving prison conditions; prison industries for vocational training; v. prisoner classification based on risk assessment; vi. provision of vehicles and Inspectorate of Prisons security wing for transportation of inmates.

iii. Reclamation & Probation Provide advisory assistance in: i. improved service and incentive structures; ii. provision of Probation Officers at Tehsil level; iii. recruitment of qualified staff; iv. joint trainings for Judges, Prosecutors and Probation Officers; v. improved infrastructure, office and transportation facilities.

  • The Specialist: Rule of Law - Prosecution, Prisons, Probation and Reclamation will assist the Advisor RoL in coordinating closely with Government partners, development partners, International Financial Institutions, the FATA Transition Task Force, and the FATA Transition and Recovery Programme.
  • The Specialist: Rule of Law Prosecution, Prisons, Probation and Reclamation will join our team under the Governance and Rule of Law Pillar.
  • The Specialist: Rule of Law Prosecution, Prisons, Probation and Reclamation will be working under the direct supervision of the Advisor-RoL. He/She will be part of the team of the consultants working under Advisor-RoL.
  • Plan of Action prepared and implemented in consultation with Home and Tribal Affairs Department (HTAD) for ensuring establishing rule of law institutions in the Merged areas.
  • District level extensions of the Directorate of Prosecution, Directorate of Reclamation and Probation and the Inspectorate of Prisons established and commissioned in newly merged districts and sub-divisions as per requirements of the statutes governing the working of these Rule of Law institutions.
  • Necessary interdepartmental coordination for implementation of the Plan of Action ensured through assistance of HTAD.
  • Plan for Judicial reform conceptualized and integration process designed for extension of the jurisdiction of Rule of Law institutions to the erstwhile FATA.
  • Rule of Law Institutions capacity, infrastructure, human and financial resources ensured (namely Prosecution, Inspectorate of Prisons and Reclamation and Probation) to efficiently and effectively perform their functions.

Years of Experience

Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in Rule of Law.


  • Location: Peshawar
  • Job Title: Specialist: Rule of Law for Prosecution, Prisons, Probation and Reclamation
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