Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer Full-Time



Information Technology

Career Level


Job Function

Information Security

Years of Experience

2 years


Master’s or BS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or any related fields (Statistics, Applied Math, or Computational Neuroscience)

Primary Skills

  • Experience in the following area: Background in DL, ML algorithms and model development.
  • Experience designing and developing professional software using Python, C++.
  • Fluency and experience in python, OpenCV, Numpy, Pandas.
  • Familiarity and proficiency with DL, ML frameworks (eg. TensorFlow, Keras, AWS Sagemaker) is highly required.
  • Experience in 3D computer vision and video analytics algorithms, such as image segmentation,3d reconstruction, object and motion detection, tracking and classification.
  • Experience in machine learning algorithms for vision problem

Position KPI

  • Development and optimization of state-of-the-art deep learning models using deep Learning frameworks, covering computer vision, object detection and localization.
  • Work with framework software developers to facilitate end-to-end optimization.
  • Distribute the model training and inference into multi-node systems, allowing scalable optimization and performance.
  • Design and enable next generation deep learning systems.
  • Perform Data Cleansing Data preparation through Digital Image Processing.
  • Will work on change detection algorithms (background subtraction etc)
  • Documentation and formulation of report and work progress to management and clients.
  • Articulate the model performance and evaluation / results through ROC curves and evaluation matrix.
  • Meet the coding style and standards requirements in python Pep 8, Flake 8 etc.
  • Follow the Agile methodology (Sprints) and daily stand-ups.


  • Location: Islamabad
  • Job Title: Senior Machine Learning Engineer
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