Project Engineer - Quetta Contractual

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Non- Profit Organization

Career Level


Job Function

Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Services/ Construction

Years of Experience

2 - 4 Years of Relevant work Experience


Bachelor's Level Degree or Master's Level Degree

Primary Skills

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • Communication
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing
  • Client Orientation
  • Meets goals and quality criteria for delivery of products or services.
  • Sound analytical skills on engineering designs, structures, project feasibilities and any other relevant issues.
  • Must have experience of field work in challenging environment with cultural sensitivities;
  • Experience working in a crisis/conflict area will be an advantage;
  • Experience in planning and execution as well as monitoring and supervision of infrastructure projects especially in KP Merged Districts strongly preferred

Position KPI

The Project Engineer will have several key responsibilities. S/he will be primarily responsible for technical oversight of the construction work as assigned by the engineering specialist. This will include ensuring quality control at project sites, reviewing consultants’ work as well as contractors’ activities and reporting back to the management on any issues concerning project progress. Implementation will also require close engagement with the consultants’ team and the end-users to ensure bottlenecks are identified early and jointly solutions are found to ensure delivery targets.

 This role will require the following: Ensures implementation of programme strategies focusing on achievement of the following results: 

Field monitoring and supervision of engineering and construction work.

  • Assist in effective implementation of technical engineering and construction matters in accordance with the terms of contractors’ contracts, bills of quantities, technical specifications and project documents;
  • Provide support in effective management of the project including progress monitoring and reporting, technical inspections;
  • Conduct field visits to provide technical inputs to selected construction firms and Implementing Partner to ensure quality and timely delivery according to approved specifications and work plan;
  • Close coordination with project stakeholders and highlight any issues with possible solutions.


Technical assistance in preparation of work plans and project implementation plans

  • Assist in developing regular monitoring and coordination system for approval and implementation of community infrastructure schemes according to approved BOQs, standards, drawings and specifications;
  • Coordinate with the contractors in preparation of work plans and project implementation plans and monitor progress;
  • Assist project team and management in preparation of project proposals, provide accurate timelines and support in work planning process.


Support in quality assurance and third-party inspections

  • Ensure that ‘Material Source Qualification Approval Tests are done by Implementing Partners/ contractors for all infrastructure schemes in project area;
  • Ensure that DRR and environmental concerns are addressed while rehabilitating the infrastructure schemes;
  • Undertake assessment to identify & select of stakeholders’ infrastructure activities.
  • Prepare BoQs, drawings and designs of new identified facilities and completion of all necessary documentation and re-verification of selected facilities, if required;
  • Facilitate third-party and donor monitoring visits to the project sites, prepare plans and ensure timely and accurate reporting;
  • Assist project team in completing preliminary, technical and financial evaluation of CAP/RACP/ACP cases and provide technical input during the evaluation process;
  • Documentation of all relevant activities (field trip reports, minutes of meetings, budgets etc.) in accordance with the organization’s guidelines and regulations.


 Ensure proper review and documentation of changes and variations on construction contract.

  • Documentation of changes in design and variations in drawings and BOQs for approvals;
  • Preparing and maintaining data base of all infra structure activities, sharing progress on weekly and monthly basis and relevant progress documentation;
  • Developing and properly maintaining change order form with the prior approval of management;
  • Any other relevant task assigned by the management.


The incumbent will uphold the non-discriminatory behavior and ensure that Human rights and gender equality is prioritized as an ethical principle within all actions; 

  • Activities are designed and implemented in accordance with “Social and Environmental Standards of the organization”;
  • Any kind of diversities based on ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, class, gender are respected within all implementations including data production;
  • Differentiated needs of women and men are considered; Inclusive approach is reflected within all actions and implementations, in that sense an enabling and accessible setup in various senses such as disability gender language barrier is created;
  • Necessary arrangements to provide gender parity within all committees, meetings, trainings etc. introduced.


  • Location: Quetta
  • Job Title: Project Engineer - Quetta
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